What do they mean Pokies in Australia?

Gambling games are extremely popular to do and are therefore chosen many gamers. These games are not known the same name in every country. For example, in Australia they are referred to as Pokies, but what exactly do they mean that?

Maybe you have never heard of this name, but in the following text you can read what it is exactly.


The word Pokies can have different (even less positive) meanings that an English language speaker will be familiar with. However, these have nothing to do with the meaning that the Australians attach to them. They mean nothing more than the slot games that you can play on slot machines or slots or the slot machine itself. Both online and in an actual casino.

Explanation why they call it that

Why are these games called there now, you might ask? It is thought that this is because the first slot machines made their appearance around 1900 on which poker was played. However, this explanation is probably not entirely true, but what it is exactly will always remain unclear. As the machines became more and more popular and more and more, the name was already so well known in the country that the Australians just kept using it for convenience and everyone there knew what it meant.

Preference for abbreviations

Now it should be noted that Australians love to abbreviate words. Pokie can then simply be a shortened version of Poker. The language has a distinct accent, but it is not strange to the population to abbreviate many words or to corrupt them into something else. So not only Pokie is a well-known word, but there are many more such as Cuppa (cup of tea, cup of tea) or Lappy, which stands for laptop. There are many more words that they themselves have given a special twist. Just think of Ozzie (Australian) for example.

A Pokie is a slot machine

As a player you can now assume that a Pokie machine is the same as a slot or fruit machine. You will also regularly encounter this last name, especially in the United Kingdom.

The name dates back to the time when the machines were still turned with a lever and that you had to try to get as many of the same fruits next to each other as possible. The name Puggy is also used in Scotland.

Learn the terms used if you want to gamble in Australia

Planning to travel to Australia and perhaps visit a casino or more than one? Then read some information in advance about the terms that are used there in the gambling world.

These may seem strange or may be completely unknown to you as a foreign gamer or gambler Down Under. Admittedly, the name Pokies sounds nice, right? And ensures that you quickly feel like taking a gamble when that opportunity arises.

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