Slot Machine Myths Debunked

No other game in the casino has taken advantage of the growing technology as much as slot machines . They were once placed on the casino floors to entertain table players’ wives. Today, the slot machine has emerged as a beautiful princess. It is an invaluable addition.

Decades ago, slot machine winnings contributed only 30% to a casino’s total winnings. Now these machines account for 70% of the turnover. The new trends, innovative bonuses and innovative mechanisms have led to a true revolution. These trends have contributed a lot to the growth of the iGaming industry as a whole.

Debunking 10 Common Slot Machine Myths & Misconceptions

Players are able to play on hundreds of games without needing to have any information while having the chance to win a life-changing progressive jackpot . This one transforms a poor bastard into a bollard. The fact that playing slot machines does not require any knowledge means that many players are unaware of how the game of chance works.

Many players declare losses and winnings with false logic, and like any “gossip”, it is transferred from one player to another until it becomes fact. Many of these myths & misconceptions are harmless, but they can add to your frustration when you visit the casino.

In this article, we are going to discuss common slot machine myths and misconceptions. In this way, your doubts are cleared and lies turned into truth.

Myth 1: Slot machines pay more when a gambler uses a club card

It is completely false that the final outcome is determined whether or not you are using a casino club card. The odds of winning are the same with or without this card (in Holland Casino the Favorites Card) while playing.

If you don’t use the card, you limit yourself to collecting points that you can later redeem for discounts, valuable play money and more. Slot machines give you extra privileges with a loyalty card. The payouts, on the other hand, remain the same. You will receive exclusive bonuses that you normally do not get. Do you want to overlook it once?

Myth 2: You can know the odds counting the symbols

Honestly, you can’t. The Random Number Generator is a unique number for every spin. Even if you see a few symbols, there are hundreds of possibilities and a virtual stop on each wheel.

As an example, if you see 10 symbols on one reel of a 3-reel slot machine, it means you have 1000 combinations in total. This is how you calculate this: 10x10x10 = 1000 combinations.

Reality is different. The computer chip in the slot machine is programmed in such a way that it is stopped 256 times per wheel. Are you going to calculate the odds again? 256x256x256 = 16,777,216 combinations.

It is not for nothing that you can win such high potential payouts, but keep in mind that the high paying combinations fall a lot less often.

Myth 3: Online casinos can influence the odds of winning

In reality, there is a computer chip in the slot machine that determines the payout percentage. The casino must replace the chip to change the payouts. In most gambling jurisdictions, casinos have to fill out an enormous amount of paperwork with the Gaming Authority whether the chip can be replaced or not. The chips are expensive and take time to install.

Myth 4: A slot machine that has just awarded a jackpot will no longer pay out

The probability of winning a prize on a slot machine for each spin is not tied to the previous spin. Every spin is random and the ultimate outcome can never be predicted. It is possible that a slot machine gives another jackpot when one has just been paid out. But for that you have to be extremely lucky.

Myth 5: There is nothing you can do to increase the odds on slot machines

In fact, there are a number of ways you can improve your chances of winning money on slot machines. It may contradict what we said earlier in this article about the random nature of slot machines. While it is true that you cannot determine the final outcome, there are things you can do to improve the odds.

First of all, not all slot machines offer the same way. The payout percentages can go as low as 80% to as high as 99%. You have a better chance playing on a slot machine with a higher payout percentage.

It doesn’t really matter in the short term, but if we start to think in long term terms, it is advisable to always play slots with better odds of winning. That’s how you think about your wallet.

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